Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stephen Ambrose — birthday and books

It's the birthday of Stephen E. Ambrose, (books by this author) born in Lovington, Illinois (1936), who wrote several best-selling books about American history, including Band of Brothers (1992) and Undaunted Courage: Meriwether LewisThomas Jeffersonand the Opening of the American West (1996).
He was a longtime professor, and many of the stories he wrote in his popular history books were ones he'd told over and over to his college students, trying hard to entertain them. He said, "There is nothing like standing before 50 students at 8:00 a.m. to start talking about an event that occurred 100 years ago, because the look on their faces is a challenge — 'Let's see you keep me awake.' You learn what works and what doesn't in a hurry."

Personal Postscript — I offer the foregoing birthday announcement from The Writer’s Almanac as a way of giving you a heads up about my next reading selections: 3 books by Stephen Ambrose (2 about Eisenhower and 1 about D-Day) pulled from my Kindle “bookshelf” where they have collected dust for several years. I have a bad habit of impulsively buying too many books and then putting them aside for later reading. Some I will never read. Does that happen to you too? Well, it’s now time for me to read three by Ambrose. 

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  1. i've got a whole library of books i'll probably never read, yet they still mean something to me: a sort of identity thing, i think... so they'll most likely still be there when i croak and my kids will have to sort them out or give them away or some such...